Ilustration 1: Policewomen Academy, Abbas kowsari, 2006, digital photography.

About us

Aljamía is a space sponsored by the Ibero-American Halal Institute as part of its social responsibility program in support of culture. We are a blog and a think tank that reflects on the arts and culture of Islamic civilization, focused on the history, criticism, and research of plastic arts.


Editorial committee:

  • Fanny Ochoa Ochoa, Social communicator and CEO of Ibero-American Halal Institute
  • Diana Alejandra Ochoa Ochoa, professional in Literary Studies and Master in Cultural and Political Studies of Iran
  • Haidar Ali Tipu Zinan Zapata Ochoa, Plastic Artist and Art Historian.


Our research team:

  • Haidar Ali Tipu Zinan Zapata Ochoa, artist and art historian.
  • Gabriela Romero Nempeque, professional in literary studies and publishing.